Grower Website Blue Rock Region: california - sonoma

NOTE: Blue Rock is available through The Sorting Table in CO, NE, MN, TX, WI and WY only. Please click on the “Grower Website” link above for more details on the winery and their wines.

We will produce only small quantities of luxurious red wines that express their sense of place. Blue Rock, therefore, will always make wine from grapes grown exclusively on the 100 acre Estate in Sonoma, Alexander Valley.

We believe that small is beautiful. In our experience, the finest, most individually expressive wines come from small places.

We believe that place is paramount, “…a memorable wine is as much a map as a taste. A place where man and plant and planet meet. A kind of liquid geography…” Blue Rock will always come from the blue rocks, pebbles and boulders that make this hillside property so unique and special.