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Alcamo is an ancient city founded in 828 by the Muslim commander al-Kamuk (after whom it is named). The Normans came into town around 1060 moving the Muslims out. Move over Normans, the Christians show up in 1221 followed by the Kingdom of Naples who reigned until 1618 when The House of Bourbon from France stepped in. Two centuries later the citizens of Alcamo were strong supporters of Garibaldi, who overthrew the Bourbons in Sicily and united what we know as today’s Italy.

With wine making in his family blood, Vito Lauria decided to attend the University of Udine in Friuli where he obtained a degree in Enology in 2003. After stepping off the campus he worked at a number of wineries in northern Italy for a few years before returning to Sicily in 2005. Vito came home to open the old family winery in Alcamo, 30 miles west of Palermo.

Upon his return in 2005 to Alcamo, Vito became the Enologist for organic farming for a local winery. His family winery started by Vito’s grandfather, also named Vito, began production in 1958 only to close due to economic hardship in 1993. Vito was determined to revitalize the family winery. So, between 2005 and 2010, while working for others, he spent part of his time doing just that. While the winery site and building are still the original, the tools for making wine are the most modern of our day. In 2010, Vito released his first vintage of wines under the winery name Vino Lauria.

Country Italy
Region Sicily
Appellation(s) Terre Siciliane
Proprietors Vito Lauria
Founded 2005
Winemaker Vito Lauria
Annual Production 7,000 9L cases
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Organic

In the valley around Alcamo are vineyards spread far and wide creating a beautiful setting in western Sicily. Seventy hectares (168 acres) lie at 600-1000 meters (1968-3280 feet) above sea level. The red grapes are planted on the clay soils. The whites are planted on the calcareous soils. Vino Lauria is focused on the indigenous varieties of Sicily – Grillo, Catarratto, Fontane Bianche, and Zibibbo for whites, plus Nero d’Avola, Perricone, and Frappato for reds.

Vito primarily has long term leases where he farms the vineyards that provide him grapes. He does own Costabisaccia Vineyard, 5.5 ha (13.5 acres) of Catarratto in Alcamo DOC, and Liveri Vineyard, 8 ha (19.6 acres) of Nero d’Avola located southwest of Alcamo.

Vito is a master of organic farming practices. His harvesting practices and approach to wine making delivers wines of more restraint and balance than you find in many offerings from Sicily. While others go for power, Vito goes for balance. Except for Perpetuo, all of his offerings are from organically certified vineyards. Perpetuo is from Grillo grapes trellised by small trees and, keeping alive the spirit of Grandfather Vito Lauria, is aged solera style in the same barrel used by him. It is a delicious dry nutty wine similar to a dry amontillado sherry.

Vito’s labels are some of the most daring and fun you will encounter. For some of his bottlings he uses fanciful names – Zio Paolo (uncle Paul), Solerte (diligent), Alacre (brisk and cheerful readiness), and Perpetuo (perpetual). Many of the labels are playful pictorial representations of Vito’s tasting notes for each wine. See if you can describe what his wines taste like from the label.

All of Vito’s wines are fined and filtered without any form of animal products, aka Vegan Friendly.

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area
Total = 70
Alacre Nero d’Avola, Perricone
Fontane Bianche Catarratto, Zibibbo Planted 2000 – 2007
Frappato Frappato
Grillo Grillo
Perpetuo Grillo
Rosé di Zio Paolo Nero d’Avola
Solerte Zibibbo, Catarratto
Zio Paolo Nero d’Avola Planted 1995, 1997