Le Monde

Pinot Bianco – 2021

Region: Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Le Monde

Le Monde lies between the banks of the Livenza and Meduna rivers, close to the border between the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone in Friuli Grave. The winery headquarters, built in the eighteenth century maintains the architectural characteristics of the time. Originally property of the Pistoni family, the wine farm together with the vineyards was acquired Alex Maccan in 2008.


3 Glasses Points


Le Monde is a model producer among those operating along the right bank of the Tagliamento River. Credit for the success that it’s been enjoying for some time can only go to Alex Maccan, who in 2008 took over an already flourishing winery and lifted it to the height’s of regional excellence. The secret lies in low yields, a rare approach for viticulture in the plains, in the age of the vineyards (which go back well over 30 years), but above all in the makeup of the clayey and calcareous soils that characterize the area. These are the factors that make Le Monde a particularly favorable area for cultivating of wine grapes. This year their range put in another excellent team effort. The Pinot Bianco ’21 takes back the top spot, beating out the competition and earning Tre Bicchieri.

Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchiere, January, 2023
90 Points

Pretty and delicate aromas of McIntosh apple and Anjou pear slowly drift from the glass. Subtle mineral notes intertwine with the fruit aromas. This wine’s palate is refreshing and highlights green apple notes, yellow plum and gravel. The wine’s texture and vibrant acidity will make you reach for the second glass quickly.

Wine Enthusiast, April, 2023