Barolo Pichemej – 2015

Region: italy - piedmont


Over a century of winemaking: four generations of passion, tenacity, investments and hard work. A story of tradition with a watchful eye on the future. The origins of Agricola Marrone date back to before 1887. A family that cultivated local grape varietals and showed ambition from an early phase.

When Pietro Marrone was born in 1887, his father Edoardo was already producing wines. From the time he was young he was very passionate and ambitious. In 1910, at 23 years old, he asked his father to grow some vineyards. In the early 1920s/30s the winery progressed and started cultivating vineyards using techniques that were revolutionary at the time: reducing production yields to prioritize higher quality and avoiding sowing wheat between vine rows, a standard practice at the time. An early adoption of what became modern cultivation practices. The family grapes became the most beautiful of the village, so slowly all the vineyards converted to that modern production system.


16+ Points

A little medicinal, cloves and Bay rum. Dusty spices, a dried-fruit sweetness, and something a little like maraschino liqueur. Tense, dry, anxious; tannins fine but clamped white-knuckle tight to the fruit. Bright orange-citrus acidity piercing the core and a juniper fragrance, but at the moment that’s all tucked back behind the wire. Needs time to come together.  20203 – 2030, April, 2019
90 Points

With a fantasy name rather than a vineyard name, the Gian Piero Marrone 2015 Barolo Pichemej shows a dark and saturated appearance with bold aromas of black fruit, wet earth and spice. The Barolo reveals a heavy and solid center of gravity, and the wine sits firmly on the palate. However, we get that same shortness or thinness that we saw in some of the other new releases from the Marrone estate. There’s a note of sudden sourness too, backed by sweet cherry flavors. 2021 – 2030

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