Founded in 2006, The Sorting Table began by selecting hand-crafted wines made by exemplary producers in their respective appellations.


We search for growers who own and tend their vineyards, farm their vineyards using sustainable, organic or biodynamic practices, are passionate in their zeal to make the best wines they can and are considered to be exemplary producers in the wine region they call home.

We love their wines and want to share these wines with others. It is their stories we want to tell.


It is a rare combination to be passionate about all things wine and the grit and determination to go out every day to tell the stories of our growers and present their wines to the trade and consumers. We are fortunate to have a marvelous collection of personalities who embody this unusual combination of traits. Our sales team and office team is a group of seasoned veterans of the wine business.

We market the wines we sell by telling the stories of our growers. We strive to give the readers and listeners of our tales a full understanding of who the people are that we represent. It is our hope that providing as much information as we can in a professional manner will show our belief and passion in the wines we offer. No gimmicks. Just the real thing.


Each year the dynamics of the distributor network in the United States brings new challenges. With over 40 distributor partner relationships we can expect management changes and ownership changes that we are required to adapt to. The Sorting Table bridges the gap between our growers and the ever changing US distribution network.

The best sommeliers and key retail buyers recognize the value of iconic growers and their wines, while at the same time they want to make new discoveries and share these discoveries with their customers. The Sorting Table plans to stay on the same path – offer the wines of iconic growers and continue to search for our own discoveries. Excitement of the wine world will never leave us.