Grower Website Peza do Rei Region: Spain - Galicia

The family of César Enriquez is among the core group of founding growers of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra appellation. Starting in the early 90’s they replanted their vineyard site to noble varieties.

Peza do Rei is a medieval walled vineyard and woodlands estate taking its name from the Kings of León, who used the site as an income source and private hunting retreat.

The property consists of 4.85 ha (12 acres) of vertiginous, single-row slate terraces forming a perfect south-facing amphitheater on the Edo River tributary of the Sil where the varieties planted are Mencía for reds, Godello, Treixadura and Albariño for whites.

REGION Galicia
APPELLATION D.O. Ribeira Sacra
PROPRIETORS Enriquez family
FOUNDED César Enriquez
WINEMAKER Julio Ponce Mouriño
PEZA DO REI Godello 70% Godello, 20% Treixadura & 10% Albarino Slate, Schist & Granite 12 ACRES/4.85 HA
PEZA DO REI Mencía 100% Mencía Slate, Schist & Granite 12 ACRES/4.85 HA