Grower Website Ángel Rodríguez Region: Spain - Castilla y Leon

Ángel Rodríguez Vidal belonged to a family of winegrowers and winemakers from La Seca with a winemaking tradition that dates back to 1780.

Martínsancho is Ángel Rodríguez’ mid 19th-century vineyard in the Rueda. This special vineyard and Ángel himself are responsible for the preservation of Rueda’s indigenous Verdejo grape. Planted in 1972, cuttings from this special vineyard were used in 1976 to establish a 10.11 ha (25-acre) vineyard planted in the traditional head-pruned fashion and dry-farmed. Low yield “Verdejo” produces wines with a delicate floral nose, viscosity, a long finish.

Ángel is one of the founders of Denominación de Origen Rueda, which was established in 1980. In recognition of his dedication to the preservation of this variety, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit for Agriculture by King Juan Carlos in 1982.

Today, the winery is run by his daughter, the winemaker Mª Concepcion Rodriguez, who makes wine with the same spirit and love of the vineyard as her father.  Farmed using organic principles, in 2022 the vineyards were awarded status by CCPAE-Spain. Her sons, Arturo and Eduardo spent many long days with their grandfather Ángel in the vineyard learning his passion for viticulture and the basics of goblet pruning. Eduardo is currently studying a master’s degree in Viticulture and Enology at the prestigious University of Montpellier, France.

REGION Castilla Y León
APPELLATION D.O. Rueda (La Seca)
PROPRIETORS The Rodriguez family
WINEMAKER Mª Concepcion Rodriguez
FARMING (SUSTAINABLE, ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC) Farmed using organic principles

The family is focused on preserving this historic pre-phylloxera vineyard of El Pago de Martínsancho, planted in the mid-19th century, which gives the winery its name.

The traditional of viticulture has been handed down from generation to generation. Old bush vines are at the heart of this special site farmed with minimal to no intervention. The care of the land which is farmed organically and with sustainable viticulture practices helps to ensure clean, beautiful raw material.

The harvest is done by hand on optimum days to ensure that the grapes arrive intact at the winery.

Martinsancho Verdejo Planted 1972 Alluvial soil, pure gravel to a depth of 30 feet 25 acres / 10.11 ha
Martinsancho Verdejo Prephylloxera “Majuelo’ plot – alluvial soil, pure gravel to a depth of 30 feet Less than 1 acre plot