Grower Website Ebner-Ebenauer Region: Austria - Weinviertel

Deep in a four hundred year old cellar, a quiet, studious man weighs careful decisions to create exquisite wines from each of the special parcels in the Weinviertel. He asks his accomplished, exuberant wife to join him in crafting the perfect blends that reflect their passionate partnership.

Once upon a time…this is how fairy tales usually begin. But sometimes real life is a fairy tale, and that is the case for Marion and Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer. While the Ebner-Ebenauer label was born in 2007, the history of winemaking in Manfred’s family stretches back fourteen generations. Today Ebner-Ebenauer is a mixture of old and new. The 400 year old cellar and modern style of the careful winery renovation. Traditional winemaking, gravity fed, gentle pressing. Using new methods when appropriate. “Respect the traditions but change if not useful.”


Country Austria
Region Niederösterreich
Appellation(s) Weinviertel
Proprietors Marion & Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer
Founded 2007
Winemaker Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer
Annual Production
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Organic/biodynamic

The  50 acres/twenty hectares of the Ebner-Ebenauer estate are widely scattered in every possible direction around Poysdorf. In earlier times this was a strategy adopted by growers, to prevent potential hailstone damage from threatening their livelihood. In the present day, these disconnected vineyards harbor a widely diversified treasury of soils for Marion and Manfred – for which the two are eternally grateful. The geologic array naturally includes the fertile Weinviertel loess soil, but there are also pure sandy soils, meagre limestone tracts, warm gravelly parcels and heavy, water-retentive loams. Each grapevine has found its appropriate match in this kaleidoscope of soil types.

The single-vineyard wines at Ebner-Ebenauer are harvested from vines that are a minimum of 30 years old. Biologic/organic viticulture practices became an obligation as a natural consequence of their observant interaction with nature and with life.

“Our wines evolve without any undue influence; they need time to develop. There’s no glitz or glamour; they are fashioned for long life and great expressivity. Nature has written the script for our wines, we just sit in the director’s chair!” –  Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area ha or acres
Gruner Veltliner 100% GV from 3 vineyards and all young vines that we replant in singlevineyards so 7-40 years old Calcareous löess 4
Gruner Veltliner Hermanschachem 100% GV 40 Sedimental limestone 1.5
Gruner Veltliner Reserve Sauberg 100% GV over 50 Calcareous clay /löess/gravel 1
Gruner Veltliner Reserve Alte Reben 100% GV between 65-70 Deposits of the ur danube 1
Chardonnany Black Edition 100% CH 38 Calcareous löess 0.7
Pinot Noir Black Edition 100% PN 35 Sandbanks of the primordial sea with lime 0.8