Díaz Bayo Region: Spain - Castilla y Leon

For more than ten generations, the Díaz Bayo family has been dedicated to the cultivation of the land in the Ribera del Duero. The tradition of vineyard cultivation in the municipality of Fuentelcésped dates back to 1177. Familia Díaz Bayo vineyards were planted in the valley of the Nava stream, an ideal spot due to the sunny slopes, abundant loose soil and pebbles.

The Díaz Bayo family makes wines from the red grape varietal Tempranillo, Tinta del Pais and the white grape varietal Albillo.  The first written mention of Albillo is from the 15th century in Agricultura General by Gabriel Alonso de Herrera in which he says that the wine made from this variety is described as “very clear, with gentle color and taste.”

Located along the Arroyo de la Nava, a high valley just 10 miles to the southeast of modern-day Aranda de Duero, the estate comprises nearly 41ha (100 acres) in multiple parcels between 2800 and 3200 feet above sea level in elevation. The soil is comprised of limestone, marl and clay. Various exposures contribute to fruit diversity and extended harvest time. The vines range from 12-100 years of age.

The vineyards are farmed using organic principles, hand-harvested and fermented in a mixture of oak vats, cement vats and stainless steel.

REGION Castilla y Leon
APPELLATION D.O. Ribera del Duero
PROPRIETORS The Diaz Bayo Family
FOUNDED Dates back to the 1100’s
WINEMAKER Isaac Fernandez Montana
FARMING (SUSTAINABLE, ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC) Farmed using organic principles & sustainable methods, including dry farming
8 Meses Roble 100% Tempranillo 35 – 62 years Clayey-calcareous, limestone
15 Meses Crianza 100% Tempranillo 20 – 60 years Clayey-calcareous, limestone
20 Meses Reserva 100% Tempranillo 25 – 90 years Clayey-calcareous, limestone