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For more than 400 years, Jean-Baptiste Adam and his family have been grape growers and winemakers in Ammerschwihr. Throughout the centuries the Adam family has farmed vineyards, made wine, sold wine locally and sold wine in foreign lands. They survived the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), the Valois and Bourbon dynasties, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, annexation by Germany and back to France, WWI, WWII, famine and disease.

Jean-Batiste V joined the winery in 1982, at the age of 21, after finishing his studies of wine, enology, and marketing. In 1996, Jean-Baptiste took over full management of the property from his father, Jean-Marie. Soon after taking charge of the company, he modernized the winery and created a processing and storage facility for the production of Crémant. In 2003, he converted the vineyards to biodynamic agriculture wholeheartedly. Today, he is considered a leader of biodynamic farming practices in Alsace.

Jean-Baptiste’s daughter, Laure, is the 15th generation to work in the family business. Armed with a BS in Viticulture and Enology, a Wine and Commerce license, and a master’s degree in Wine Management & Marketing, she is an integral part of the business.

Jean-Baptiste Adam produces wines of elegance, balance, minerality and longevity.

Country France
Region Alsace
Proprietors Jean-Baptiste Adam, Laure Adam
Founded 1614
Winemaker Mathilde Jaegler and Philippe Ruhlmann
Annual Production 50,000 to 66,000 9L cases
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Certified Biodynamic DEMETER since 2007, Certified Organic by EcoCert France

The winery owns 17 hectares (42 acres) and farms another 4 hectares (10 acres) of vineyards, all farmed biodynamically. The grapes from the vineyards they farm go into the les Natures and Le Grands Vins selections.

Their vineyards are well established as biodynamic, including the famed Grand Cru, Kaefferkopf. This vineyard sits on a steep slope just south of Ammerschwihr. From Kaefferkopf grapes, Adam makes a revered wine of elegance, balance and minerality with excellent aging potential. At 38 years of age, the 1976 was still drinking beautifully at the 400th anniversary of the winery. Adam’s finest wines come from the Kaefferkopf vineyard.

JB Adam offers a range of price and quality levels, Les Traditions, Les Réserves, Le Cuvées Jean-Baptiste Adam, les Natures, Le Grands Vins de Jean-Baptiste Adam, and Les Vendanges Tardives and Sélection Grains Nobles.

All grapes are hand harvested. Fermentations are all from naturally occurring yeast. In an effort to maintain the purity of the fruit in his wines, Jean-Baptiste discards the first and last parts of pressing the grapes, retaining only the juice from the cour (heart) of the pressing.

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area ha or acres
Total = 88 acres
Pinot Blanc Nature Pinot Blanc Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 7 acres
Pinot Blanc Reserve Pinot Blanc Planted 1975 – 2010 Chalk & Granite 10 acres
Riesling Nature Riesling Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 5 acres
Riesling Reserve Riesling Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite & Loess 9 acres
Pinot Gris Nature Pinot Gris Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 4.5 acres
Pinot Gris Reserve Pinot Gris Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite & Loess 9 acres
Gewurztraminer Nature Gewurztraminer Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 3.5 acres
Gewurztraminer Reserve Gewurztraminer Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite & Loess 9 acres
Pinot Noir Nature Pinot Noir Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 3 acres
Cremant d’Alsace “les Natures” Pinot Blanc (40%), Chardonnay (30%), Pinot Blanc (30%) Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 2 acres
Cremant d’Alsace Rosé Pinot Noir Planted 1975 – 2010 Granite 6 acres
Cremant d’Alsace Brut Pinot Blanc (90%), Pinot Noir (10%) Planted 1975 – 2010 Clay & limestone 10 acres
Cremant d’Alsace Emotion Brut Chardonnay (95%), Pinot Noir (5%) Planted 1975 – 2010 Clay & limestone 2 acres
Pinot l’Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes Pinot Auxerrois Planted 1959, 1970 Granite & clay 2.5 acres
Riesling Kaefferkopf Grand Cru Riesling Planted 1955, 1956 Granite & limestone 3.4 acres
Riesling Letzenberg Riesling Planted 1984 Heavy clay with  limestone gravel and  limestone  sub-soil 3 acres
Riesling Wineck Schlossberg Grand Cru Riesling Planted 1976 Granite (muscovite & biotite micas) 0.5 acres
Pinot Gris Letzenberg Pinot Gris Planted 1985 Clay & limestone 2.2 acres
Gewurztraminer Kaefferkopf Vieilles Vignes Gewurztraminer Planted 1955, 1965 Granite & limestone 3 acres
Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardive Pinot Gris Planted 1985 Clay & limestone N/A
Pinot Gris SGN Pinot Gris Planted 1985 Clay & limestone N/A