Domaine Dugat-Py

Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru

Region: France - Burgundy

Domaine Dugat-Py

Consumers and the press alike view Domaine Dugat-Py as one of the vin de garde Pinot Noir producers in the world. The Domaine also produces and bottles wine under the label of Bernard Dugat-Py.

Grapes / Soils

Pinot Noir Planted 1980 Chalk, limestone, iron 0.48 ha

The Wine

Vineyard Profile
  • Total Size: Total Charmes-Chambertin & Mazoyères-Chambertin 30.79 ha (76.1 acres)
  • Charmes-Chambertin 12.14 ha (30.2 acres); Mazoyères-Chambertin 18.57 ha (45.9 acres)
  • Winery Holdings: Total Charmes-Chambertin & Mazoyères-Chambertin 0.72 ha (1.78 acres) includes:
  • Charmes-Chambertin 0.48 ha (1.19 acres); Mazoyères-Chambertin 0.23 ha (0.59 acres)
  • Situated between 853 and 918 feet of elevation the vineyard is boarded by Grand Cru vineyards Chambertin and Latricières to the west and En Griotte to the north. To the east are village appellation vineyards. The northern section of the vineyard is Charmes and the southern section may be labeled Charmes or Mazoyères.
  • Most producers label using Charmes.
  • The topsoil is rich in iron and has lots of limestone pebbles; its base rock has a high content of active chalk.
  • Only Chardonnay is planted.
  • Charme(s) is used to designate “vegetation plateau, fallow or uncultivated land.” At some time in the past, this Grand Cru climat sitting next to Chambertin was unplanted.


  • One third of the Charmes-Chambertin cuvee comes from a plot of Mazoyères-Chambertin, about 164 feet away from Dugat-Py’s other Mazoyères parcel, which is bottled separately.
  • The vines in their plot are 35+ years old.
  • Annual production is 1800-2400 bottles.
  • The vines have only been treated with organic preparations since 2003.
  • Traditional vinification is used.
  • The wine sees 16 to 18 months ageing in oak casks, 10% new.
  • Bottled non-filtered.
Winemaker's Notes

Wine for laying down, but can be appreciated when young after carafing for several hours before serving.

Wine Summary
  • Made from Pinot Noir grapes.
  • Vine age – planted 1980.
  • Grown on soils of Chalk, limestone, iron.
  • Fermented in stainless steel tanks, using naturally occurring yeast.
  • Aged in 100% new oak casks.
  • Aged for 16-18 months.
  • Bottled unfiltered.
Technical Information
  • Grape variety – 100% Pinot Noir
  • Traditional vinification
  • 16 to 18 months of aging in 100% new oak casks
  • Non filtered wine

General Info

Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation(s) Gevrey-Chambertin, + others in Côte de Nuits
Proprietors Bernard Dugat, Jacqueline Py
Founded 1994
Winemaker Bernard Dugat
Annual Production 1,800 9L cases
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Sustainable/organic