Herederos de Argueso

San León Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Region: Spain - Andulucia

Herederos de Argueso

Bodegas Argüeso was founded in 1822 by Don León de Argüeso y Argüeso and bestowed upon his passing to his nephew Juan and his niece Francisca (“los Herederos”).

The original soleras come from the 250-year-old Bodega San Carlos on Calle Santo Domingo in Sanlúcar’s Barrio Bajo district. By the early 1900s, Argüeso had expanded to cover two full city blocks, including significant portions of the former gardens and edifices of the Convent of Santo Domingo.

San León, Argüeso’s flagship brand, is one of the most significant and revered Manzanillas. In the early 21st century the firm was purchased by Francisco Yuste, prominent Sanlúcar almacenista and businessman who is deeply committed to the preservation of the traditions of Manzanilla. Argüeso’s early-19th century soleras remain intact, and Yuste has carefully restored and maintained the historic facilities.

The Wine

Vineyard Profile

Estate vineyards in D.O. Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda, at mouth of the Guadalquivir river.

  • Vineyard Area: 70 acres
  • Soils: Chalky white Albariza
  • Climate: Humid maritime air and persistent breezes, cool temperatures
Harvest Notes
  • Hand harvested
  • Grapes pressed
  • Fermented using indigenous yeasts
  • Cellars located below the water table
  • Biological aging in old barrels under “veil of flor” – the natural yeast covering that develops under the humid conditions in the cellar for minimum 4 years
Winemaker's Notes

San León has acquired the complexity and depth of extended biological aging with the flor without sacrificing freshness. Permeated by the marine layer, San León’s intensely seawater nose, bitter almond with brioche notes and aftertaste mark it as the quintessential Barrio Bajo Manzanilla.

Wine Summary

100% Palomino; alcohol: 15%; estate vineyards in D.O. Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda, at mouth of the Guadalquivir river; chalky white albariza soil; humid maritime air, persistent breeze and cool temperatures; hand harvested; fermented with only indigenous yeasts; biologically aged over 4 years in old barrels under veil of flor – natural yeast covering that develops in the humid, below water-table cellar.

Technical Information
  • 100% Palomino
  • Alcohol: 15%


16.5 Points

Bready nose and quite a saline, very refreshing palate. Very classic with lots of (non-intrusive) character. A really excellent Manzanilla. Neat and clean. Long., May, 2019

General Info

REGION Andalucía
APPELLATION D.O. Manzanilla-SanLúcar de Barrameda
PROPRIETORS Francisco Yuste