Michel Mailliard

L’Oger Grand Cru Vintage Brut – 2007

Region: France - Champagne

Michel Mailliard

Vertus, the village in Champagne’s famous Côte des Blancs, has been the home of the Mailliard family since 1894 where they have been making champagne for four generations.

The third and fourth generations, father and son Michel and Gregory, took care of the 23-hectare (55 acre) family vineyard. Now the fourth generation, Gregory and sister Alexia, lead the house. Half of the vineyard plots are in Vertus and the surrounding area and are mostly planted to Chardonnay.

In addition to being a vigneron and Champagne maker, Michel Mailliard was an innovator, entrepreneur, and leader with a touch of politician. Among the champagne producers of Vertus, he is a very prominent figure. Decades ago, Michel saw many of his neighbors with small vineyard plots of very good quality grapes in need of a better place to produce their champagnes. So, he created one of the first “custom crush facilities” in champagne. These types of facilities are now commonplace in many wine regions around the world, helping artisan producers and garagists. Over time, the small start-up grew to house the current state-of-the-art champagne producing equipment and temperature-controlled storage facilities. Each vigneron controls the production of their respective champagne separately from the other producers. This facility has allowed even the smallest producers to make their own style of champagne.

The objective of Champagne Michel Mailliard is to make champagnes that reflect the terroir and house style. Gregory and Alexia manage the vineyards and the harvest. They stood side-by-side with their father learning the craft of champagne making – the Mailliard way. The two have total control of their champagnes made at the custom crush facility. They own the winery and all of the fruit comes from the estate. All the equipment is used is only for the production of Michel Mailliard. However, because there are others making wine at their facility, they must label the wines RC, Récoltant-Coopérateur (wine purchased back from the group facility).

The Wine

Vineyard Profile

A single vineyard, estate Grand Cru Champagne, 94 ha in the heart of the village of Oger.

  • Michel Mailliard vineyards are in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, the wine area that stretches over some 20 km to the south, south-east from Epernay.
  • Area named after the color of Chardonnay, the grape planted on some 95% of the soil. Champagnes made with Chardonnay are called Blanc de Blancs.
  • If, according to the experts, the Côte des Blancs gives way to the best champagnes, this is largely due to its soil, as it lays on a chalk outcrop, unlike other parts of the vineyard where the chalk is more deeply buried.
  • Soils are calcareous and chalk
Harvest Notes
  • Hand harvested from single plot in Oger
  • Fermented in stainless steel tanks
  • No malolactic fermentation
  • Began bottling March 2008
  • Aged on lees at least a year
Winemaker's Notes

One-of-a-kind, single Grand Cru plot champagne,  incredibly surprising for its finesse and character. Temperamental and distinguished. Darker yellow with golden reflections, fine bubbles. A nose full of expression. There is a purity of expression, roundness, suppleness on the palate. Aromas of yellow flowers and rapeseed, acacia honey and marc-de-champagne.

A Champagne to be savored, ideal with friends, at all times. Can accompany rich dishes like creamy French cheeses.

Technical Information
  • 100% Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru (Chardonnay)
  • Dosage: 5.6 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 4.95 g/l

General Info

Country France
Region Champagne
Appellation(s) Côte des Blancs
Proprietors Gregory, Alexia Mailliard
Founded 1894
Winemaker Gregory Mailliard
Annual Production 3,000 9L cases
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Sustainable