Vallein Tercinier

Cognac 46° X.O. Small Batch

Region: Cognac

Vallein Tercinier

For the family that has produced Cognacs in Chermignac for five generations, there is one guiding principle: follow the family tradition of care and obsession with flavor that goes into each bottle, not the fashion of the moment. That focus on creating the most pleasurable experience in the glass, following the same recipes that have been handed down through the generations, drives all the distilling, blending and aging decisions for Vallein Tercinier at Domaine des Forges.


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25 of the Best Cognacs at Every Age and Price (2021)

More than any Cognac, this bottle looks ideally placed to attract whiskey drinkers. Arriving at 46 percent ABV, the small-batch blend contains a range of distillates aged between 15 and 25 years. Spirits geeks will also be pleased to learn that it’s bottled without chill filtration. The profile, however, is distinctly Cognac: fruity, floral, and remarkably powerful, the spirit is also aided by its higher ABV content.

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VinePair, August, 2021
95 Points
“The 50 Best Spirits of 2022”

#20 of 50 Best

It’s too reductive to judge spirits based on numbers, but it’s worth considering the digits in the case of this Cognac: a small batch blend of 15- to 25-year old brandies, it retails for just over $100. Try finding that kind of value among aged spirits styles — we’ll wait. But again, we shouldn’t concentrate too hard on that, especially given the quality and personality of the spirit in this bottle. Perfumed, floral, and immensely powerful, this is a Cognac that shows all of the nuance of age but with a simultaneously youthful profile. That it’s made without chill-filtration and bottled at 46 percent ABV — an outlier in the Cognac space — this bottle will win over spirits geeks of all persuasions, from brandy to bourbon.

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VinePair, December, 2022
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25 of the Best Cognacs at Every Age and Price 2023

There’s a strong sense this bottle is trying to attract whiskey drinkers: Bottled at 46 percent ABV, the small-batch blend comprises 25- and 15-year-old distillates, which arrive in bottle without chill filtration. The only difference between this and whiskey is the unlikelihood of scoring a similarly aged blend for this (not altogether modest) price in the latter category. Perfumed, floral, and incredibly powerful, this is a complex sipper, with the higher ABV coaxing out extra layers of nuance.

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VinePair, October, 2023
Gold Medal Points

Gold Medal – 2022 SF World Spirits Competition

Wine News, April, 2022