Vega Tolosa

11 Pinos Bobal Rosé Cans – 2023

Region: Spain - Castilla - La Mancha

Vega Tolosa

Vega Tolosa was founded by the Tolosa family in 1905 in the eastern part of Castilla-la Mancha and is run today by Juan Miguel Tolosa, the third generation of the family. There are a total of 150 hectares (375 acres) with 40.46 ha (100 acres) of 80-year-old head-pruned Bobal.

Manchuela lies to the northeast of the La Mancha between the Júcar and Cabriel River valleys, and above the coastal plains of Valencia and Alicante. The region represents the ancestral home of one of Spain’s most interesting and underappreciated red varieties, Bobal.

Located 750m (2460 ft) above sea level, Vega Tolosa’s vineyards enjoy a wide diurnal temperature variation and constant breeze. Calcareous clay soils retain moisture and provide minerality. Minimal to no intervention is required in the organically certified vineyards. Through low yields and careful winemaking, the purest expression of Bobal is the Tolosa family’s primary objective.

The Wine

Vineyard Profile

Estate vineyards between the valleys of the Júcar and Cabriel rivers, D.O. Manchuela. Vino de La Tierra de Castilla.

  • Vineyards planted in the transition zone to the Biosphere Reserve
  • Organically farmed, owned
Harvest Notes
  • Harvested and vinified using certified Organic standards
  • Fermented 18 days
  • Bottled/canned at estate
  • Vegan friendly
Winemaker's Notes

Attractive strawberry color. Aroma with nuances of sour strawberry and red fruit. Fresh, intense and good acidity on the palate. A rose with a striking color and personal style. A wine to drink at any time of day.

Wine Summary

100% Bobal Rosé; alcohol: 13%; certified, estate Organic vineyards in D.O. Manchuela, Vina de La Tierra de Castilla; harvested with careful selection; fermented 18 days; canned at estate; vegan friendly.

Technical Information
  • 100% Bobal
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan

General Info

REGION Castilla – La Mancha
PROPRIETORS The Tolosa Family
WINEMAKER Juan Miguel Tolosa (3rd generation)
(CE) 834/2007).