Vino Lauria

Perpetuo Grillo Terre Siciliane – 2005

Region: italy - sicily

Vino Lauria

With wine making in his family blood, Vito Lauria decided to attend the University of Udine in Friuli where he obtained a degree in Enology in 2003. After stepping off the campus he worked at a number wineries in northern Italy for a few years before returning to Sicily in 2005. Vito came home to open the old family winery in Alcamo, 30 miles west of Palermo.

Grapes / Soils


The Wine

Vineyard Profile
  • Production area: Alcamo
  • Vineyard:  Patti piccolo
  • Yield: 2.5 tons
  • Training system: bush
Harvest Notes
  • Havest: end of September
  • Vinification: traditional white wine vinification
  • Aging: in 50 Hl Slovenia oak barrel
Technical Information
  • Variety: 100% Grillo
  • Total acidity (grams/liter): 5.0
  • pH: 3.6
  • Number of bottles produced: 2,000
  • By name and by nature, this is the wine that is mostly tied to the Lauria family history and is renewed in a perpetual cycle that has lasted since 1978. It was then that Vito’s father closed it in its first barrel, the same barrel from which it draws each year for its new vinification.
  • Full of memories and sweet aromas, the Perpetuo is a wine served at the end of a meal. It has amber color, a slight shade of chestnut with notes of almond and carob.

General Info

Country Italy
Region Sicily
Appellation(s) Terre Siciliane
Proprietors Vito Lauria
Founded 2005
Winemaker Vito Lauria
Annual Production 7,000 9L cases
Farming (Sustainable, organic, biodynamic) Organic